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Privacy Policy

Biktahai privacy policy regarding the collection, use and revelation of personal information with regard our practice. This privacy policy may be granted to us without notice posted on the site can be updated at any time. In addition, this Privacy declaration may be concluded by agreement between us and the personal enhancement or modify from time to time. This privacy statement, personal information means any information about an identifiable person, including contact information and the population, not including communal information or information relating to the group in the short form.


Your privacy is very important to us. We are committed to our clients and others to respect the privacy and handle your personal data in accordance with the safest standards. This Privacy Policy give details how we collect, use, storage and disclosure of your personal information.

Set of Personal Information

This site registration form necessitate users to provide contact information (for instance name and email address) and other information (such as address, zip code and age), and other information for us to provide services. We use the registration form from the contact information of the customer he or she is requested to send the user information about the site or the services we provide for. Clients use this site to advertise online and / or print ads. Express purpose of which is the collection's contact information voluntarily by the customer will be published online or in print, as the holder may be, and those associated with the sale of customer projects. We do not control who is considering online or in print. Contact information can be used to contact the client when needed. We may collect financial information to clients (e.g. account and credit card numbers) to bill the user for products and services, but keep this information only as long as may be necessary by law, and to handle the necessary operations.

Profile data is also collected at this site. We use these data to the experience of each visitor to your site, the content displayed to the user; we believe that he or she may be interested in, and in accordance with the preferences of the user to display the contents.

Our online review ask visitors for contact information (like email address) and other information (such as zip code and age). We used to send information about our products and services to the users contact information of our surveys.

We can use the customer information for other purposes may be at the time or before the collection of information can be found. We may also use the information to complete the transaction accounting and customers.

We use third-party advertising business such as Google to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information (not contain your name, address, telephone number or email address) about your visits to this and other websites in order to give information about goods and services of interest to you advertising. If you want to know more information about this options for the failure of this information specifically for Google.

Revelation of Personal Information

We may reveal certain personal information as follows:

  • Posting advertisements on the Internet and / or in stamp, in the case may be, those associated with the sale of clients' projects
  • For third-party websites and publishers Biktahai such advertising (or advertising content), you can also publish a wide range of locations, or vehicle information.
  • Law enforcement agencies inspect fraud or other crimes, or destination
  • Legal, financial and other professional advisers, or all or part of its business or operations related to the sale or restructuring.
  • Having your phone number specified in, you agree to the users who want to contact you to receive messages through the website.

In addition to the above, we will not use or release personal information for the purpose of its collection is not for anyone else, except with the consent of the entity or legal requirements or allowed.

Communications and email tools

You agree to receive our marketing communications, if you do not tell us that you do not want to receive such messages. If you do not want to receive marketing communications, simply follow the direction of traffic rules and regulations at its discretion. You can not use our site or tools to collect the communication address for spamming or otherwise in violation of these Terms of Use or Privacy Policy. Biktahai can automatically scan and manually screened for malicious activity or prohibited content of messages sent through our means of communication, but not Biktahai enduringly store this information. Biktahai reserved delayed response of alleged fraud or abuse Biktahai terms of use and / or refuse to transmit the message right. If you use our tools to send content to your friends, Biktahai not permanently store the addresses of your friends, or use or disclose them for marketing purposes. Other users report spam, please contact support.

Cookies and IP-addresses

we may use your IP-address to recognize you and your membership, gather information about our customers a wide range of demographic information, help analyze problems with our server, and to manage the site. This site uses cookies to store tools membership track, and make sure that you do not see the same ad frequently. We use cookies to distribute content precise to your interests and to save your password so you do not have to re-enter your password each time you visit the site. We also offer an option, you must use an insecure or publicly communal computer canceled. You should know some important things about cookies:

  • Biktahai provide certain functions only with the help of cookies.
  • Biktahai utilize Cookie to help you define and save your own check-in status.

You will always be free, if your browser allows you to refuse cookies, although it could use some of our sites or services interference. For your choice, to accept the details of cookies, please refer to your browser's help.

Display ads on our sites use an external advertising campaign. These ads may contain cookies. While other parts of our website using cookies, banner ads are accepted our advertising companies collected cookies, but we have not received this information. Biktahai not allow these companies to collect personal information about your use of cookies.


This site hold links to other sites, such as providing the general aspects of the countrywide search capabilities and information resources of the site is to update buyers and sellers of real estate, which is on sale. We are not accountable for the privacy practice or the content of the site. Make sure you check out the site you are visiting the Privacy Policy.


We protect the loss, misuse and modification of personal information with suitable security measures the sensitivity of the information, but as you probably know, nothing is perfect, so Biktahai not give any guarantees.

Correction / Contact

Users of this site may be modified or corrected contact Biktahai is under our control their personal information. People can also be directly observance with this Privacy Policy to give us a written complaint, and after receiving a written complaint within a reasonable period of time, we will investigate the matter, we will take the necessary steps / s correction source of complaints (if applicable).

Contact us

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, website, or our collection, use, revelation, or preservation of personal information on this site about your connection with our privacy policy, If you have any questions, problems or comments, please contact us on